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Blush Pink Wedding

Wow. This Wedding took my heart in the blink of an eye. Or the beat of a heart, rather. Just one look at the lush scenery, and beautiful dresses, and I knew that this was the one. The couple looks cuter than a pair of love birds, and the tables are set to perfection! The maracas are a cute addition to the affair, but nothing makes a wedding if not for the love between friends, and family too! Take a peek at the gallery, you simply must.~

Princess Belle Birthday Party

Gold, glitter & beautiful roses..this party is without a doubt magical! Just a glance at this lovely affair is enough to fill you’re chest with an enchanting spirit! From the gorgeous cake, to the cutesy cookies, and dare I say, one of the most beautifully set tables I’ve ever seen in my entire life! So do yourself a favor. Get cozy, and sink into this magical party. See the gallery here!

Fairytale Farm Wedding

Who doesn’t love a good wedding? This couple blew me away with the sheer excellence of this beautiful affair. From the pretty dresses, to the astonishing table set to perfection, there is no shortage of amazing finds to see here. Come see the gallery!

Monsters University Birthday Party

This birthday party takes the cake, literally! An absolutely adorable affair done by none other than Miriam (Miriam Corona Events)! There are so many amazing things here, so I’ll just start by saying that the little treats, such as the cutesy monster cookies, the cupcakes with a little something inside, and the fun candy ideas! The piñatas are a perfect addition to a fun event, and the little birthday boy’s Sully costume adds every bit of flair that this party could ever need! Get ready scarers! Take a peek at the gallery!

Elegant Navy & Gold Wedding

This Elegant Navy & Gold Wedding is nothing short of perfection! Just a simple peek at the brilliant imagery will show that this affair is one of few! The shoes are spectacular, and those pretty bouquets are sure to please! It’d take me all day to name everything I like about this Wedding, so I’ll just leave it to you to find what you like! Feast your eyes.

Inspector Gadget Birthday Party

Who doesn’t like a little taste of childhood? This birthday party did just that, with it’s intricate detailing, and simply adorable scenery! The cutesy cookies looks absolutely mouthwatering, and the cake, even more so! The designers that put his together definitely went above and beyond with their efforts, and it left me amazed! See the gallery here!

Fall New England Wedding

This Fall New England Wedding looks simply amazing! I love to see a lush, intricately detailed affair, and here it is! The time it took for me to pry myself away from this amazing wedding is almost embarrassing, but true all the same. It’s really hard to stop getting lost in a wedding if you really like it. But here I am, I’ve decided to spend more time panning through the pictures after I show ’em to you guys! See them here!

First Balloon Birthday Party

Anne-Marie Johnson has gone and done it again. Just look at this amazing birthday party, and whats better than that, is that it’s for her precious little cutie! I can’t lie here, I spent a good half-hour panning through these pictures, practically studying them. I didn’t want to miss a thing! The cake, the cookie pops, so cute! The tables are decorated with a pink radiance, along with the beautiful scenery of a pond in the background! There is much more to this birthday party than you’ll see at first glance, so please, get comfortable, and let your eyes linger on the lovely imagery for awhile! See it all here…!

Classic Wedding In Saratoga

I can’t give this wedding anything but my utmost affection. I fell for every picture of this enchanting affair, and I want to show this wedding to everyone I can! From the beautiful couple, to the huge

Gorgeous Kitchen Bridal Shower

Lets get Cookin’! Just look at this shower. I actually have that exact model of the KitchenAid mixer on my countertop! So many familiar sights here, I can’t help but smile! I used to cater as a hobby for three years, and I still do! (Just not professionally!) So it’s no surprise that I see lots of things I used to use, some similar, some exact! I say, this could be a Gorgeous Kitchen Bridal Shower, or it could simply be as much as a birthday, or a get-together! But in this case, you’ll find that behind all of the mouthwatering foods, eye catching decor, and lovely flowers, there is a very special day to come soon after!

Hawaiian Glam Wedding

Pink is a fave for me, so it’s no surprise that this Hawaiian Glam Wedding lured me in for the day! Just look at all of the beautiful scenery, the flowers, the cake, the dresses, oh my, the dresses, and not to mention the huge pink house! I would call this piece of heaven perfect for any pink lover, like me! Treat yourself to the pretty-in-pink imagery!

Apple of my Eye Rustic Baby Shower

This Apple of my Eye Rustic Baby Shower pulled on my heartstrings the moment I laid eyes on it.  I just had to stop what I was doing, and stare at the rich photography. The foods, the cute invitations, the scenery, the layout of the pedestals on the table, the table itself, it all fits so perfectly. I kept panning through each and every image, and did this probably two or three times in a row before I peeled my eyes from its alluring aura, and now here I am, putting it up for my viewers to see too. I know you all will love it, as I did. All it takes is a click, and the beautiful photography that lay behind it will take you’re heart, and nurture it in a warm embrace. So come take a peek, there’s something for everyone to see…!

Mint to Be Themed Wedding

How awesome! I can’t express my feelings for DIY Mint to Be Themed Wedding, because it requires a couple to put their own unique skills to use to execute each project, and this out-of-this-world couple did just that! Mint is a unique color to use, and they put it together to make what I call, perfection. Meredith and Damien did a superb job, as any can see. I don’t know whether or not if the beautiful couple vendors any of their works, but we need more people who share the sheer wonders that this amazing duo has! Great job Meredith and Damien! So cute! See the gallery here for more….!

Pink Love Train Birthday Party

Wow, this is an adorable Pink Love Train Birthday Party! Anne-Marie of Elianna Noelle Events styled this lovely birthday bash for her very own daughter! Just look at all of the cutesy ideas! The wafer train, the X-ing sign on the cake, this party truly is a beauty, and so is the birthday girl! I’d pinch those cheeks if, of course, I was there. Fortunately, I have the opportunity to showcase it here, so walla! Be sure to sink some time into the imagery, they deserve one’s complete concentration!

Rustic DIY Outdoor Wedding

I think we can all agree that this Rustic DIY Outdoor Wedding is without a doubt, something extraordinary. I fell in love with the lush photography, bursting with it’s enchanting woodland glow in mere moments. The cake looks simply mouthwatering, in the center of a intricately set table! The bouquets arranged to perfection, the array of decorative and informational signs, not to mention the absolutely stunning bride and her gorgeous dress! There really is no shortage of beautiful scenery throughout the gallery, so please, treat yourself to the images here!

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